Complete General Liability

General Aggregate
Products & Completed Operations
Personal & Advertising Injury
Each Occurrence Limit
Fire Legal Liability
Medical Payments
Deductible BI/PD
$ 2,000,000
$ 2,000,000
$ 1,000,000
$ 1,000,000
$ 300,000
$ 5,000
$ 0
Not striped down coverage - like others!
Our underwriters provide complete protection against claims of bodily injury liability, property damage liability, personal and advertising injury and the litigation costs to defend against any and all such claims.
  • $  2 Million Per Occurrence by Request
  • $10 Million Excess Liability is Available
  • Free Certificates of Insurance (SAMPLE)
  • Free Additional Insured Endorsements (SAMPLE)

Maximum Medical Benefit
Accidental Death Benefit
Dismemberment Benefit
$ 10,000
$ 2,500
$ 2,500
$ 100
No better coverage exists - guaranteed!
Minimizes General Liability policy claims when combined with GL. Together, the policies represent the most comprehensive coverage the insurance industry has to offer to a inflatable and party rental business. Questions?

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Rented & Rental Equipment

OPTIONAL RENTED EQUIPMENT TO OTHERS COVERAGE - Reimburses a rental company for loss of rental income during your claim handling. This coverage has a 72 hour time deductible from the time the claim is reported in writing to the insurance agent or carrier.

OPTIONAL CONTINUING RENTAL FEES COVERAGE - Reimburses a rental company for an equipment loss while in the custody of others. *Requires Rented Equipment coverage.

OPTIONAL RENTAL REIMBURSEMENT COVERAGE - Reimburses your rental fees for equipment rented to continue business operations during a covered claim. *Requires Rented Equipment coverage.

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Commercial Automobile & Truck

Hired Auto Coverage Hired Auto InfoHired Auto covers liability caused by a vehicle you hire, rent or borrow.
Non-Owned Auto Coverage  Hired Auto InfoNon-Owned Auto covers liability caused by vehicles owned by others, including employees.
Base limits up to $1,000,000
Excess Limits to $10,000,000
Business & Personal Use
Full Time & Seasonal Use
Roadside Assistance
 Small Business Auto Insurance
From State Minimum to $1 Million CSL for Privately-owned corporations, business partnerships, and sole proprietorships that typically operate everyday vehicles, such as pickup trucks, vans, SUVs and cars.
Commercial Heavy Truck Insurance
For box trucks, flatbed trucks, express delivery trucks, refrigerated trucks, and many more.

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Workers Compensation
for Party Rentals & Event Employees

Each Accident
Disease - Each Employee
Desease - Policy Limit
$ 1,000,000
$ 1,000,000
$ 1,000,000
$ 0
Workers compensation insurance covers medical costs and rehabilitation for your injured employees. It also compensates them for lost wages and provides death benefits for their dependents if they die in a work-related accident.
Q. What is Workers Compensation Insurance?
Q. Do I need to have workers' compensation insurance?

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Party & Event
Business Service Bond

When you say, “Our people will be bonded for honesty while on your job” it could make a difference in whether a party or event job comes to you or goes to another event planner.

  • From $2,500 to $100,000
  • Free, instant quotes
  • No credit check
  • As low as $50
  • No waiting!
  • No fees!

Beyond protection for business and your customers from liability for employee dishonesty, a Business Services Bond is an advantage over your competitors.

LiveRate® for Business Services Bond makes it easy to buy a bond for use as a party and event marketing tool.

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