Who We Insure

That’s a good question – here’s a short list of who we can insure in one way or another…

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WHO can we insure?

A person, spouse, child, parent, brother, sister, roommate, friend, neighbor, co-worker, boss, employee, enemy, stranger, acquaintance, adversary… you get the idea? 

WHAT can we insure?

state, county, city, corporation, non-profit, for profit, mutual benefit corporation, limited liability corporation,  partnership, joint venture, general liability, equipment, inland marine, business property, workers compensation, short-term, long-term, ambulance company, hospital, lost income…

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WHERE can we insure?

amusement center, special event, park, retail store, warehouse, recreation center, private property, public space, hall, facility, hospital, clinic, conversant, beach, lake, shore, river, alley, parking lot, back-yard, front-yard, garage, roof, basement, wedding, reunion, reception, birthday, party, gathering, picnic, festival, fair, rodeo, army, navy, air force, marine, coast guard military base, church, mosque, synagogue, sanctuary, school, college, university, dance, soccer, football, softball, game, field, stadium, lot, arena, and every last minute, planned and scheduled location, area, space, and holy place of worship or any other place you can set up.

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